10 Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas Your Guests Will Enjoy

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Gone are the days when a wedding guest book is a mere pen and paper combo, which, let’s admit, rarely gets looked at after the event. Due to tons of resources available (thank you, Internet), couples are becoming more creative in incorporating a fun guest book idea to keep their guests engaged.

We’ve compiled a list of fresh, ingenious wedding guest book alternatives. The goal is to have something pretty and engaging while creating lasting memories!

1. Layered art guest book frame

Needless to say, this one’s a favorite. I love this because it’s unique and rustic and doesn’t take a whole lot to figure out. I mean, it may be traditional in a way that the guests simply sign the hearts, but more than that, it makes a beautiful wall frame for your home.

Here’s a tip -- have the hearts lose and ask your guests to sign them. Then you can glue the hearts on to the board and create a pattern or art form that’s meaningful to you. You get a layered guest frame and a post-nup project in one! 

2. Canvas thumbprint guest book

Another way to engage your guests in some guest book fun is this, a canvas thumbprint art. My friend had this at her wedding, and it was a hit -- the guests enjoyed stamping their fingers on the canvas and creating some random art forms! For a DIY option, you could print out your favourite pic - but be aware that paper and ink don’t last as well as a professionally done canvas.

Don’t forget to include some wet wipes because it can get a little messy. It looks great when framed on a wall, though.

3. Vintage key notes

Even if a key is not a motif for your wedding, everyone loves their overall feel, especially when hung on a rustic wooden frame like this. Guests can write their well-wishes on the kraft paper tags, or you can ask them to write the key to a lasting marriage (pun intended).

So much symbolism in a key.

4. Branded scrapbook

Imagine having your name on a cover of a book, not necessarily a published one. A branded scrapbook can be a fun way to bond with your guests. You can ask them to bring an old photograph or trinket that reminds them of you and stick them onto the scrapbook. Add a sweet message, and voila - a compilation of nostalgic tokens on your special day.

Make sure you leave space to stick your mementos (table numbers, invites, ribbon or fabric scraps) - the more snippets from your wedding you stick in your scrapbook, the better the memories in the long term.

5. Drop-in frame

Another non-traditional way to add some guest book fun to your wedding is this drop-in frame. Your guest signs a heart, includes a short message and drops it into the frame to be immortalised. Very trending, very rustic.

Having a beautiful display frame in your home with your guests’ wishes on it is so wistful and sentimental!

6. Polaroid guest book

The instructions are simple -- guests take a polaroid photo, write a quick message, and pin it on a framed clothesline (or in glue it on a branded scrapbook). Now, this one is cute and all, but it can get a little tricky, because, you know, people can’t always follow directions. So it can create some traffic build-up, especially when placed at the venue entrance.

But if you’ve figured out a strategic location for this, the output is definitely Instagram-worthy! Add some flowers and fairy lights to your frame, and you’re set.

7. Wishing tree

When I think of a guest book, I want something that would look good as home decor. This wishing tree fits that criteria perfectly. Guests sign a heart and hang them on the tree, and the couple displays it on their home, reminding them of a happy day they shared with the most important people in their lives.

A sweet reminder from personal experience, you may have to eventually put it away when you have kids. Or, if the tree is not a good fit for your home decor down the road, you can always salvage the hearts and display them in a frame or similar.

8. Sign a random item

Image source

The thing with guest books are, they can be anything, literally. You can ask your guests to sign your favorite footy jersey, a musical instrument one of you plays, a surfboard from your first trip out of town together, or your most beloved vinyl record. 

You can transform anything that’s already meaningful to you and your lover to something that would represent your wedding day. Isn’t that the very definition of nostalgia?

9. Jenga guest book

Image source

If you love hosting game night, this may be the guest book for you. Ask your guests to sign a Jenga piece and leave you a wish or marriage advice. Use them in your next Jenga game and relive the happy scenes from your wedding! There’s a lot of symbolism in something like this. If you’re into puzzles, check out this cute customised wooden puzzle, made for exactly this purpose

You can do the same on Scrabble pieces -- except they won’t be as useful for playing Scrabble anymore, because, notes on the back.

10. Message in a bottle

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A simple way for your guests to give you their good wishes, marriage tips, and love advice is a classic message in a bottle. Guests write their messages on a piece of paper and drop them in a wine bottle or sealed container.

You can use several bottles -- one for advice when you have your first fight, another for raising kids, and another one for a fun sex life, (but really, anything you want). You’ll be surprised how many give great sex advice. 

Final thoughts

Your wedding guest book is only a small detail at your wedding. Some of your guests may remember signing your guest book, while some may not even realise there is one (if you don’t push them to sign it!). The thing is, a creative and unique guest book alternative will, primarily, create a sentimental memento for you and your partner. Plus, any time one of your mates visit your house, they’ll see their wishes displayed on your wall.

What do you think of this list? Which alternative wedding guest book would you use on yours? Let us know in the comments!

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