Burlap is to Rustic as Lace is to Wedding

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Two of the more common materials used at a rustic wedding in our generation is burlap and lace (either cotton, which looks crocheted, or polyester). The background of both is very interesting and so diverse, yet together they create such adorable decorations for weddings. If you’re looking for some DIY ideas to incorporate burlap and lace into your wedding, click here. Read on if you want to know HOW they contribute so well to a classic rustic wedding.

Burlap is a type of fabric, naturally made from jute, which is a vegetable fiber from the jute plant. Otherwise known as hessian and gunny cloth, burlap was used to transport and store food (such as rice, coffee beans and potatoes); as well as in the production of bags, carpets, wall-coverings, upholstery, and other household goods, a few centuries back. As a low-cost rough fabric, it mostly featured amongst the working class.

It is considered a ‘rustic’ fabric because of it’s background amongst the common folk, it's used now in rustic settings (food transportation, agriculture, bee keeping, ropes and nets) and also because it is so raw and complimentary to all natural resources. It is also considered a very eco-friendly product, as the jute plant is able to consume large quantities of carbon dioxide.

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly used in weddings to enhance a rustic festive feel, by creative use in décor and accessories.

Lace on the other hand, is another type of fabric which was originally known to be handmade in the sixteenth century during its peak, until machines were able to take on the task in the eighteenth century. The type of thread being used was originally made from linen, then developed to silk, and eventually used cotton threads in the nineteenth century. Handmade lace was used for fashion, and was considered a luxury product because of it’s beauty and the lengthy time required to craft it. It was usually the most expensive part of the dress. Hence the only people who could afford lace were aristocrats. Its extravagant image made it popular at sophisticated occasions, most especially in weddings. Various types of lace have featured in wedding fashion and trends ever since.

Even though it is an unlikely combination, when used together, burlap and lace positively declare “rustic wedding” (also they look so adorable together). Depending on your tastes, you can strenghten the ‘rustic’ feel or the ‘wedding’ feel by using more of burlap and less lace, or vice versa. Using other natural and earthy elements like wood, rocks and redbricks, haybales, beams, recycled glass, tin containers, and green folliage will enhance the overall rustic feel. If you wish for a more traditional ‘wedding’ feel, you can include elements such as satin ribbons, fairy lights, dimenties and other bling, generous amounts of flowers and drapery or curtains made of organza or tulle. All of these elements can be mixed together to achieve the style of wedding that will suit the taste of the central couple.

Whilst preparing the perfect wedding, use whatever elements you like but it may help to remember this general rule of thumb: Burlap is to Rustic as Lace is to Wedding.

If you were inspired by this article, check out our beautiful burlap and lace wedding and crafty supplies here.

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