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The $5000 Wedding Book - Contents page
The $5000 Wedding Book - Introduction Excerpt
The $5000 Wedding Book - Introduction Excerpt

'The $5,000 Wedding' Book

The $5,000 Wedding: An Aussie Bride's Guide to an Affordable and Joyful Wedding

Nothing to lose - Thousands to gain!

Double Refund for you if it doesn't save you heaps (see below).

Ebook or Paperback

Our amazing book is a springboard of planning and ideas to cut your wedding costs drastically – to even less than $5,000 if you choose! When you read this book, you will be able to: 

  • Define what aspects of your wedding are essential, valuable or expendable
  • Open communication with your partner to plan your wedding together without conflict
  • Calculate your ideal budget – both TIME and MONEY – to invest in the day
  • Pick your favourite ideas (from hundreds) that can save you THOUSANDS of dollars
  • Save many MANY hours of researching and resource gathering
  • NOT spend half a year’s wages on a single event
  • Create a precious and valuable day that you will enjoy and cherish forever
  • NOT need to delay your plans to wed, purchase a house or have children due to needing all your money to spend on a wedding

Great! But – is it for me? 

I’m not having a ‘traditional’ wedding. Will it still help me?

YES! This book contains planning strategies and ideas that will be helpful to create any wedding. If you’re planning something unique, simply focus your attention on the sections of the book that are MOST applicable. The first chapter of the book will even help you define which aspects of a wedding are most valuable to you.

I hate reading, so I won’t finish it.

DON’T WORRY – I have been told by a dozen readers that this book is REALLY EASY to read, and PACKED with awesome content. You can chose an E-version if you prefer a screen, or a paperback if you like to take notes on paper. Honestly, though, it mostly reads like a personal letter from me to you, with space for your planning and notes.

I’m getting married soon – is it too late to read it?

No. Although the MOST benefit that can be had from this book will be gained if you’re able to read it right at the start of your planning processes (before you’ve paid a bunch of vendors your life savings) – there’s still plenty of ideas that can be applied right up until a few weeks before the wedding which will make it worth your time to read.

I don’t need a book – I can gather my own ideas!

Just like someone who likes to sew her own clothes – of course you can figure it out yourself! But for the amount of time you would spend doing so (I’d estimate over 200 hours, to equal the value of just half of the money-saving ideas in the book) – is it really worth it? Even so, the first half of the book – the planning stage – is drawn from my 3+ years of research on how couples best put together an affordable wedding and structured in a way that will give you maximum benefit. Not something you can do on your own.

Is it just a DIY guide?

No – although it does contain lots of DIY ideas in chapter 7. But your time is valuable and DIYing a WHOLE wedding could cost you your sanity – so the book will help you assess your limits regarding time commitments and DIY in chapter X.

Is the book just a big ad for your paid advertisers?

Nope. No payment from advertisers accepted – there is no upsell, cross sell or sales pitch for any service or product – just my sincere wish that you can create the wedding of your dreams without losing your house deposit.

Is it really worth it?

Absolutely. Not only do we offer this amazing guarantee which ensures that you’ll only GAIN from this book, but for now, we are still accepting video testimonials about your experience planning with the book (email us for details) – for which we will refund half of your purchase price!

Can I buy it elsewhere?

No – this book is available ONLY from our beautiful wedding décor website, – and there’s NO other book like it for Aussie or Kiwi brides (we’ve looked!).

Don't wait - Save Money NOW 

The more vendor contracts you sign before you read this book, the harder you will kick yourself when you realise how much money you’ve wasted. If you’ve made enquires,  it’s likely that you’re being quoted $9,000 or a lot more for your venue – wouldn’t you rather find something lovely for $300? Or for free? Get the book NOW. Are you about to engage a caterer? I hope you’re not paying more than $10 per guest! Read it now – before you waste all your money. Our ebook is available immediately, or you can order the paperback which will arrive in a few days.

Your time and money is valuable – Get the book now!

Here’s the best news you’ve read on the internet all week – This book will save you AT LEAST $500 on your wedding budget (but a more realistic estimate is $2000-4000 savings). If it doesn’t, we will give you a DOUBLE refund (purchase price x 2). There’s a couple of basic T&C here, but seriously – you’ll be SO GLAD you read it. Nothing to lose, thousands to gain.




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Vintage Rose Weddings


Thanks so much for the items and being so easy to deal with, It made the whole process stress free. I love both the ring box and cake topper and will definitely recommend you and your store to others on the wedding planning path.

Kindest regards,

Nicole & Jordan Waitangi, New Zealand

I am so super ridiculously impressed and happy with the products we've received from Vintage Rose Weddings! It was such a relief to find that we could get gorgeous vintage pieces for a great price, and we're looking to order more decorations now as the quality has been so amazing. Definitely perfect for anyone looking for great rustic/vintage wedding products for a great cost. 11/10 would recommend.

Emily, Athelstone, South Australia

I ordered the wooden thank you tags for my wedding, Josie was great she emailed and made sure things were sent and arrived on time. The product is exactly what it looks like on the webpage. I love them and super excited to show them off at our wedding. Definitely recommend.

Alana, Christchurch, New Zealand

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your amazing products!! We looooved our ring box so much I just had to check out what other amazing products you had...and I came across the Heart Jar Guest book...which arrived today and were in total love with it!! The first thing my hubby to be said was...”you did good babe it’s awesome” thankyou so freakin much for making our day even more special.

Ash, Papamoa, New Zealand